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"Blowing Bubbles"

To you
I'm making bubbles.
To me
I'm conducting
an orchestra
of swirling light waves
and rainbow octaves.

To you
I'm blowing bubbles.
To me
I'm building
a nest
of planets
on a branch of breath.

   - John Agard


"Who can make those bubbles bounce and do amazing stuff?
Who teaches them to dance and spin with every huff and puff?" 1
Who IS this guy?
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An Oscar Performer
in a Soap Film Industry

One in a family of 11, Casey Carle grew up in the rural farm lands of Greene, NY, on a single lane, dead-end, dirt road...so clearly needed to stand out in some way! Fortunately he chose a positive route... graduating cum laude from S.U.N.Y. Geneseo with a "Bachelor of Arts" in Drama and also from The Ringling Bros. Clown College with "Bachelor of Fun Arts" (for real!). Casey has worked almost entirely on and off stage his entire adult life. He's quite comfortable in the spotlight.

Get to know Casey from his own lips in this interview from Wisconsin Public Radio, April 2012....

  • Hear him talk and joke about his stage show and bubbly career.
  • Get ideas for marketing his show.
  • Program "Spectrum West", hosted by Alan Ross
Caesey Carle, Bubblemaniac!

"I do some pretty tricky manipulations and choreography with the bubbles. With plenty of comedy for all ages. This is not a show intended to keep a 2 year old engaged; this is a bubble show to keep the 5 to 85 year-olds mesmerized."
- Casey Carle

Based on hard work, talent and professional standards successes have come in the following ways and more...

  • expanded his popular BubbleMania! franchise to include multiple professional performers (who are also treasured friends).

  • created the "first-of-its-kind in the history of the circus world" bubble act for The Ringling Bros Circus (waaaay back in 1989!)

  • has been chosen by Cirque du Soleil as consultant to soap bubble based routines and scenes for their artistic teams.

  • made another historic soap bubble debut at the acclaimed Lincoln Center in New York City as a Principal Performing Artist for "The Little Orchestra Society"

  • has been featured on The Discovery Channel, teaching soap bubble science to millions of viewers.

  • has been a guest on The Science Channel with Michio Kaku to demonstrate theories on the structure of the universe.

  • was crowned Champion Bubble Artist after a 5 day competition viewed by tens of millions of viewers on Japanese television.

  • assisted as Bubble Consultant/Technician for Baileys Irish Cream and for Pepsi Cola in national television commercial campaigns.

  • has been recognized by the CT Office of Culture & Tourism, The New England Foundation for the Arts and New York State's "Arts in Education" for his school and theater programs.

  • received numerous additional awards and accolades, just a few of which are listed here.

His unique skills and quick wit have amazed, amuse and astonished audiences of every conceivable nature: Theaters, Corporate Events, Science Centers, Schools, Shopping Malls, Banquets, Festivals, Conferences, Civic Groups and more.

C - A - S - E - Y

Mr. Carle regularly tours the northeast US with multiple national venues each year, as well has having performed in over 10 countries, including Mexico, China, Switzerland, Russia and India. For a list of national venues and credits go here.

"You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy"

As in his formative years, he continues to enjoy the rural home life, only now on a single lane, dirt road in East Haddam, CT (with a bubbling brook in the backyard ) along his wife, Kandie, who performs her successful solo-person show "Victorian Lady: Dressing From Corset to Gloves". Together they founded The East Haddam Stage Company where Kandie continues to act as Producer and Artistic Director.

With over 350 BubbleMania! shows a year, Casey Carle, a "one-man phenomenon", has proven that soap bubbles are not just for breakfast anymore!

Look here for a comprehensive list of notable performance credits.

"A 10!!! Casey is fabulous - He is the whole show and how he handles the audience is fantastic!!" - Dansville E.S., Dansville, NY

You had a style, a 'presence', a keen sense of relating to your audience which added class and a fine touch of professionalism to the show ... a great adventure for young and old alike." - C. Zirkel, Austin, TX

"Casey Carle is as effervescent as his bubble sidekicks...He's real, he's believable, he's well prepared, he's always accommodating, and he lets his audience know that they deserve his best." - Children's Svcs Consultant, Monroe County Library System,Rochester, NY

"You are a genius in the human art of creating happiness" - BubbleGram from Emily & son Tony (age 6)

Special note from Casey: "Thank you to everyone who has helped me become a nationally recognized and award winning performer. Your enthusiastic recommendations and repeat bookings are greatly appreciated. Thanks for not bursting my .... um ... my .... what's that word again? I'm pretty sure it starts with a 'b'... Oh well - thanks a lot anyway!"


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1 Poetry excerpted from the song:
"Casey Carle's BubbleMania",
written by Gary Vidito