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By Anne Kymalainen

Casey Carle got his start in bubbles through the circus, while clowning with Ringling Bros. "A physical comedian, I was being told by senior clowns that there was nothing new, just do the old stuff in a new way" he says.

"But I was looking for something that would be entertaining that no one else had done. Once I realized that bubbles would be a hit with all ages in the audience, I worked on developing a routine that included putting a kid inside a bubble."

Carle is the first person ever to put a child inside of a bubble during the circus.

"Cool is a word I hear often," Carle says. "Iíve been bubbling since 1987. I am still impressed daily with what can be done with them. It seems magical. It doesn't seem possible. Bubbles are pure joy and create a feeling of awe in the performer as well as in the audience."

Carle would encourage you to try bubbles as a hobby. "It can only lift your spirits. If you experiment with soap bubbles, even doing simple tricks, it will brighten the day," he says.

He remembers a special bubble day. "I was performing on a cruise ship with soap bubbles. And when the ship was sailing through the open waters of Hawaii, me and a bunch of kids were letting big clusters of bubbles go off the ship. Thousands of bubbles were floating through the vast open sky above clear blue waters. It was beautiful," Carle says.

"Bubbles have allowed me to be free to do my own thing, to be an entertainer and a performing artist, to do something I love as a living. Not only do I get to do what I love, but people love what I do. That makes it more fulfilling."

He stresses the importance of persevering. "Never give up. If you want to do something successfully, keep at it."

Carle teaches some of his bubble knowledge to kids and teachers for grades K-6. "All grades learn the scientific reason why bubbles are spherical, how to create a square one, and what makes bubbles pop -- dryness, evaporation and external forces. Older grades learn how and why bubbles form and are actively involved in fun demonstrations of molecular bonding and surface tension so they can easily grasp the chemistry and physics of bubble-ology."

Carle has performed in front of crowds of 50 to 1,000 people, and he loves it. "My work with bubbles reminds people that there is a great deal of joy in the simple things of life. My show emphasizes relatively simple tools to do amazing manipulations, from intricate sculptures to giant floating spheres. Bubbles are an inexpensive way to simplify complicated lives, people are reminded that we don't need all this material 'stuff' to make the day interesting," he says.

He doesn't consider his work as changing the whole world, but rather the outlook of those who witness his show. "I am constantly reminded that I am opening up eyes to a wonder they didn't know possible. I use lots of humor to engage the audience, which adds to the positive experience. Mostly I just have fun and then everyone else does, too."

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