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Bubble Bonanza: A Soap Bubble Spectacular!
Brilliant Outdoor Bubbling By A Bald Guy!

Need a Proven Way to Amaze and Inspire All Ages?
Simply Want to Raise Spirits?

Humongous Bubbles, Long Bubble Tubes, Bubble Clouds, Countless Bubbles and More. Performed to Jazzy Music.

  • Intended for outdoor locations where viewers can remain at recommended, safe social distances.
  • Chasing and Popping the Bubbles is not required to enjoy them.
  • Watching creates the same "oohs" and "ahhs" as a fireworks display.
Outdoor Bubbling

Remember: When protocols allow, Casey's ever-popular, indoor stage show "BubbleMania!" is ready to amaze and amuse!

Use his outdoor "Bubble Bonanza" to thrill all ages...

  • School Spirit Day/Field Day/Fun Day activity

  • Recess entertainment or activity

  • Outdoor physical education classes and camps * School or community car parades...with other elements to engage and excite children: Costumed teachers/staff? Inflatable Decorations? Fun music?

  • Libraries, Park & Recs, Scouts, Celebrations

When appropriate, additional elements of humorous audience participation while respecting physical distancing guidelines:

  • Super Soaker competition to pop the most bubbles in a given time frame.

  • Hula Hoops held up as targets for the bubbles to fly through.

  • The "Matrix" Game: Standing 20-30 feet downwind, participants avoid bubbles by bending and maneuvering the body while keeping one foot on the ground at all times.

  • Calling out shapes in the bubble formations. Like with clouds. (see below for "dolphin bubble" image... it's real)

Note: Perfect weather conditions are not necessary. Overcast skies, mist, fog, moderate wind and even a light rain can be great for bubbling. High humidity is a big plus! However, heavy rains and strong, consistent winds (above 20/25mph) would be detrimental to a successful bubbling presentation.

Presentation length can range from 20 to 60 minutes.
Fees are based on duration and number of presentations and include all travel expenses.

To Schedule an Event:

Please Contact Todd Little, Booking Manager, at bubblemaniabooking@gmail.com or call 860.484.3533

A Fantastic Display of Color, Light, Air Movement, Jazzy Tunes and Mesmerizing Ephemeral Creations.

The "Ooohs" and "Ahhhhs" of a Fireworks Display (without all the smoke)

"Ephemeral Masterpieces Out of Thin Soap" - The Boston Globe

"A Genius in the Human Art of Creating Happiness" - Fan Letter

"Casey Carle Covers the World of Bubbles with Real Panache" - News4, NYC

To Schedule an Event: Please Contact Todd Little, Booking Manager, at bubblemaniabooking@gmail.com or call 860.484.3533


Need to educate and entertain a large group?

Go With... Virtual Bubble-ology Show

Need to engage small groups in a hands-on activity?

Try... Virtual Bubble Workshop

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