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Bubble Entertainer - Comic - Artist - Scientist - Consultant - Wrangler
Casey Carle's 'BubbleMania!' Promises to Impress All Ages

Casey Carle captures Rihanna, Steve Martin, Jim Parsons... in bubbles

Brazilians Go Nuts Over Bubbles

Bubbles Perform like Clock Work in Switzerland Circus

TVLAND = BUBBLELAND! on Aug 22, 2011>

World Circus Festival Awards Casey Carle, Comic Bubble Artist>

Casey teaches bubble science to MILLIONS on Discovery Channel

    Read Me: Fast-paced, hilarious and unerringly professional!

BubbleMania! Brings Soapy Spheres to The Dome at TJC Center for Science

Bubbling with excitement about the Samsung NX-1

BubbleMania! brings soapy, smart fun to Carnegie Science Center

Science Channels' Genius Physicist, Michio Kaku, uses Casey's Bubble Skills to Help Explain the Structure of the Universe

Casey Carle adds effervescence to Cirque du Soleils' The Beatles LOVE

Casey wins televised International Soap Bubble Manipulators Competition!

Additional Bubblemania! Shows
Casey Carle Himself!

Doug R performs Casey Carle's Bubble-Mania! in upstate NY, Northern NJ, and PA

Mr. Jim and Bubblemania Jr! now performing in Southern New England, NYC, Long Island, NJ



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