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Kudos and Praise

"To put it simply: Casey Carle is an extraordinary artist. He is thoroughly professional, perfectly easy to work with, completely in control of his large crowds, hysterically funny in ways that please both adults and youngsters, and engaged at all times in a dynamic interaction with his audience." - Mimsi Coleman, Program Coordinator, Hamden Arts Commission [Full letter]

"My GOODNESS how you can engage the kids! You were zany and wacky and hit their goofiness-bone big time! Kids were wiping their eyes from laughing so hard. Synchronicity at work!!" - D. Peiz, Audience member, East Haddam, CT

"On behalf of Maestro Dino Anagnost, and all of us at The Little Orchestra Society, I would like to extend my warmest thanks and congratulations for your extraordinary participation as a Principal Performer in our production at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center. I never knew that bubbles could be so beautiful! Thank you for your wonderful work in making this production a truly special event for everyone who attended." - Joanne Bernstein-Cohen, Exectutive Director, Little Orchestra Society, NY, NY

It was a wonderful performance and it is a pleasure working with you. Todd, [as booking manager has] been super for providing us with timely answers to the million questions that I have had and being so patient with me! - Sagari Bhaskaran, Senior Events Executive, Artaaj Events, Dubai, UAE

"Carle creates ephemeral masterpieces out of thin soap. Behind the act is a wealth of training and a passion for this slippery art form." - The Boston Globe

"We at the Smithsonian Institute have high standards for our programs. [Your's] was a perfect blend of accessible science and downright fun! There is nothing as fascinating as the magic of bubbles... and there is no one that I've seen who explores them in such a crowd pleasing way!" - Roberta Gasbarre, Director - Discovery Theater, The Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C.
[Full letter]

"You are an event coordinator's dream! You draw huge audiences - you give a premier professional show - the people beg to have me book you again - great press coverage - and my boss can't stop commending me!! " - Heritage Park, Holyoke, MA

"A fantastic, cutting edge act!" - Lucille Ball Festival of Comedy

“Your production of BubbleMania was undoubtedly the best opening (best attended, best media covered) that Playfest has had in its five year history. Wow! Your charm, personality and professionalism made it so easy too!” - Chairperson, Playfest '96, Austin, TX

"Your warmth and enthusiasm and obvious love for life radiated throughout the audience. I watched your audience as they laughed until they cried and were truly captured by your wonderful capacity to entertain "children" of all ages." - Health Education Coordinator, Ctr for Health Promotion, Concord, NH

"It is always a pleasure (and a relief) when a program turns out to be as phenomenal as the performer's P.R. claims...young and old were thrilled by your unique act" - Danbury Public Library, Danbury, CT

"BubbleMania has proved to be popular, always drawing a sizeable audience. Families have come to enjoy it's clean humor...It is rare to find a performer that can take something as simple as a soap bubble and turn it into a work of art for all to enjoy." - Kids Club Co-Director, Buckland Hills Mall, Manchester, CT

You were definitely THE highlight of our summer programs...Articles and photos can't possibly capture your humor & inventiveness, nor the color and fun of your live show." - Junior Svcs Librarian, Wilton, CT

"What he accomplished with his soap bubbles can only be described as sheer magic, it has to be seen to be believed." - Head Librarian, Thompson, CT

"The comedy was SIDESPLITTING...the audience laughed so hard I thought I would have to practice CPR on them!" - M. Bellavia, Teacher, Brighton, NY

"That was me laughing so hard in the front row, and I NEVER laugh like that unless something is REALLY funny. I thought you should know that." - Ryan, age 10, Guest, Mohonk Mt Resort, New Paltz, NY

"You made me crack up. I thought I was going to wet my pants." - Ian, age 8, Lebanon, CT

" Once again your performance at our library was first rate. Both children and adults were absolutely mesmerized. Bubblemania is so unique and special and such a spectacle. We'll definitely be having you back in future summers." - M. Feldhaus, Children's Librarian, Eastchester Public Library, Eastchester, NY

" I'm always convinced on BubbleMania days that you are the most popular person in the world. While giving away tickets it seemed that people would stoop to almost anything to secure a coveted spot. I could have scalped the tickets! Until next time I remain Bubblingly yours" - Judy Stoughton, Children's Services Librarian, The Russell Library, Middletown, CT

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