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April 8, 2022

How Do You Get to Sesame Street?
By Blowing Bubbles Oh So Sweet!

The script Casey Carle received for the episode titled "Bubble Trouble" called for Elmo and friends to figure out a way to fill allllllll of Sesame Street with soap bubbles. Trial and error and assistance from their human neighbors would get them only so far. What they would need was an expert bubble wrangler to offer the inside secrets to great bubbling and then coach everyone involved through the process.

For one effervescent day Casey Carle became Sesame Street's very own Friendly Neighborhood Bubble Man! (Off-screen anyway)

The properties department relied on his expertise for supplying super solutions and to advise them on big bubble making contraptions as well as to directly assist the on-screen human talent toward forming bubbles from everyday objects in a safe and effective manner. He was also called on to supply silent but effective, professional bubble machines for generating a "street" full of gorgeous spherical rainbows.

With Casey's help Elmo's goal of filling Sesame Street with soap bubbles was reached, bringing cheers of triumph from muppet monsters and giddy humans alike. A level of excitement sure to be mirrored by fans of the show when"Bubble Trouble" is broadcast in the '22-'23 season.

Casey's most important contribution was coaching the child actor who portrays Charlie, Violet Tinnirello, in specific techniques for creating giant bubbles for her monster friends Rosita and Rosie while keeping the undulating blobs in frame! Ms. Tinnirello was a joy to work with and impressed Casey to no end with her charms and talents.

Everyone on set that day, from floor manager and script writer, to boom operator and studio door attendant, were friendly and engaging people. A highlight of the experience was seeing the famous Muppeteers and their support team at work. A light-hearted group that routinely kept the on- and off-screen talent in stitches throughout the ten hour work day.

Watching the magic of Sesame Street happen in real-time was an absolute honor and treat for Casey. Chalking up yet another incredibly unique adventure for one of the world's most experienced, in-demand bubble professionals.

Photos by Richard Termine

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Casey Carle on Sesame Street 1 Casey Carle on Sesame Street 2
Casey Carle on Sesame Street 3 Casey Carle on Sesame Street 4
Photos by Richard Termine

In addition to his well traveled "Bubblemania!' act that entertains and educates children and grownups alike, Casey is often called upon as an expert consultant "Bubbleologist" for commercials, movies, television and stage. More info about Casey Carle's consulting servics can be found at http://www.Casey-Carle.com

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