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Kudos & Praise for Comic Entertainment

Bubble Bonanza: A Soap Bubble Spectacular!
Brilliant Outdoor Bubbling By A Bald Guy!

Need a Proven Way to Amaze and Inspire All Ages?
Simply Want to Raise Spirits?

Humongous Bubbles, Long Bubble Tubes, Bubble Clouds, Countless Bubbles and More. Performed to Jazzy Music.

  • Intended for outdoor locations where viewers can remain at recommended, safe social distances.
  • Chasing and Popping the Bubbles is not required to enjoy them.
  • Watching creates the same "oohs" and "ahhs" as a fireworks display.


Need to educate and entertain a large group?

Go With... Virtual Science Program

Need to inspire and fire young minds in the classroom or home-learning environment?

Try... Virtual & Video Workshops: Soapy Science Meets Amazing Art!

Searching for Live Entertainment During Social Distancing?

Go With... Bubble Bonanza: A Soap Bubble Spectacular!

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