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Dear Casey,

I wanted to write and tell you how very impressed I was this morning as I witnessed the wonderful science teaching that was going on in the midst of your "effervescent entertainment." I am the Science Curriculum Specialist for the Nashua School District. Imagine my delight as I happened upon your assembly in progress!

What impressed me most was your constant reference to the science process skills that we want our students to use: observation, prediction, communication, experimentation, and research. I loved how you told the students to go to the library and discover for themselves how to find your recipes!

You modeled good thinking processes, emphasizing the important scientific habits of mind such as wondering, asking questions, and noticing patterns in nature. Your use of age-appropriate vocabulary challenged without overwhelming them.

Your "Bubble Mania" is well worth a hearty recommendation!


Marie Ross
Interdisciplinary Curriculum Specialist
Nashua, NH School District

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