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Casey Makes More Than Spirits Soar During Christmas in China

January 3, 2008

CHENGDU, CHINA - In December 2007, Casey Carle flew to Chengdu, China (the nation's fifth largest city) to perform his Bubblemania! routines as part of a series of dynamic variety acts which are a part of the excitement surrounding the holiday season. (Yes, Christmas is celebrated in China).

These high energy, professionally produced extravaganzas were presented to an audience of approximately two thousand Chinese citizens at two first class hotels located in downtown Chengdu - including the prestigious Shangri-La Hotel (part of an international chain of 5 Star hotels).

In addition to applauding, audience members used, and seemed to prefer, New Year's Eve style noise makers and whistles whenever they enjoyed something on stage. This made it very easy for Casey to know if his work was well received. In fact the whistles and clanging were so loud he had to ask that his music to be turned up in order to continue performing to it!

The appeal of his talents did not go overlooked by the company that initially booked him. They have asked Casey to consider returning to China to take part in future celebrations.

For more information on this event or Mr. Carle's accomplishments as a performing artist and entertainer please visit www.bubblemania.com. To contact Mr. Carle please call 860-873-9599 or email casey@bubblemania.com. Booking enquiries may be made to booking@bubblemania.com.

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