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Thinking of booking a show?
Here's what you need to know:

  • I'm a full time, year-round professional entertainer. This is my career.
  • I get a real kick out of making people laugh.
  • Being on stage is in my blood.
  • I can entertain people of all ages.
  • I've won awards as a bubble artist and bubble author.
  • I love making science cool & exciting for school-age kids.
  • I will amaze YOU with my bubble skills.
  • Cirque du Soleil chose ME to help them with bubbling. They were very happy with the results.
  • I've got enough glowing letters of recommendation to wallpaper my office and not need a desk lamp.
  • I've been bubbling since 1987. I know what bubbles can do on cue!
  • There are other bubble acts. This is the only one to combine top notch bubble skills with top notch comedy skills.
  • I'm real easy to deal with.
  • I give every audience my very best.
  • You're guaranteed a very well received show. No need to cross your fingers!

Need more info? Go here to learn about my technical requirements.

Booking Contacts:

For Casey Carle (only) booking arrangements:
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  • Scheduling
  • Contracts
Todd Little
Booking Manager
Email Todd
860.484.3533 voice
206.309.0788 fax
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          For Theaters and Performing Arts Centers only:
  • Availability
  • Booking Requirements
  • Scheduling
  • Contracts
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  • Proof of Insurance
  • W-9 Forms
Todd Little
Booking Manager
Email Todd
860.484.3533 voice
206.309.0788 fax

Feel free to print out any of the information on this site. It is probably all you need to convince your selection committee. But if you would like additional promo materials, just call.

Current Schedule / Discount Dates

I'm sorry, but my website does not contain a complete show schedule, only public appearances. Please contact my booking manager, Todd for dates on which discounts may apply or to learn of available dates. Be sure to include the general month(s), week(s) or day(s) you are interested in.


We know the market and charge prices that are fair and reasonable for a High Quality, Polished, Professional Act. Plus, there may be discounts for any number of reasons. Especially Block Bookings. We'll do our best to make it work for you.


BOCES Approved. In the application simply stress the artistic elements of visual art (sculpture) and theater. I've done hundreds of BOCES funded programs since 1995.

Program Funding Available for Nonprofits

Fee support for BubbleMania! may be available to nonprofit organizations through the New England States Touring (NEST) program of the New England Foundation for the Arts. Visit www.nefa.org for more information.

NEST funds presentations of New England-based performing artists from outside of a presenter's state. Please contact NEFA for additional information on the process.

Very Easy Booking Process

Once a date has been committed to over the phone or via email, a contract will be sent to you in duplicate. You simply sign and return one copy with the venue address and contact information. The performer typically uses GPS to find the venue. No deposit is required except for specific holiday periods and certain types of large corporate, national or international functions. Also, we are very familiar with delayed payments from grant supported programs.

General Information

Casey Carle's BubbleMania is available in FOUR FORMATS:

  1. Family Comedy: "BubbleMania: Comedy With a Drip!" Learn more by clicking here.

    Has been presented thousands of times at: Theatres, Corporate and Civic Events, Shopping Malls, Fund Raisers, School Family Nights, Libraries, Banquets, Park and Recreation Events, Festivals, Home Shows, Cruise Ships. With hundreds of national and international engagements since 1989. (For international work the show is performed without language).

    Length: 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Shows up to 75-80 minutes available for an additional fee. Multiple shorter shows in one day no problem. Ages: 5 - 95
    Audience Size: Up to 600 dependent on seating arrangement; talk to us. Over 600? Ask about shorter shows with only the "Big Stuff".

  2. Edu-tainment: "BubbleMania: Science, Art and Comedy!" Learn more by clicking here.

    Has been presented at: Science Fairs, Science Centers, Children's Museums, Educator's Conferences and over 4,000 school assemblies since 1991

    Length: 45-50 minutes Grades: K - 6 (Parochial Schools: K-8)
    Audience Size: For maximum viewing ability and educational benefits we suggest: With a stage = Up to 250 students per assembly; without a stage = 200 students per assembly. Up to three shows per day. Also helpful: When possible, divide students by higher and lower grades for the most challenging/rewarding science lesson (i.e. K-2, 3-6).

  3. Circus & Variety: "Casey Carle, Comic Bubble Artist!" Learn more by clicking here.

    Has been a feature act for:

    • Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey (first ever giant bubble circus routine in human history)
    • The World Circus Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia (awarded "Best American Act")
    • The famous Circus Conelli, Zurich, Switzerland (honored to be the pivotal Closing Act)

    Length: 6-7 minutes Non-verbal, no language barrier. Performed to Big Band Jazz or Holiday Jazz.

  4. Corporate/Atmosphere: "Soap Bubble Artistry" Learn more by clicking here.

    Visually stunning entertainment to enhance any social gathering, as inspirational entertainment to spark the imagination of your employees, or to bring unique, riveting attention to a product launch. Past clients include Nickelodeon, H&R Block, ESPN, Old Navy, Fisher Price, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Innovative Kids, NewEgg.com.... with presentations that span the globe from Vegas to Dubai.

    Length: From 3 up to 20 minute sets. Multiple sets over a few hours. Performer brings floor/table covering.

Look here to learn about my technical requirements.


If you're a coordinator or school administrator thinking of scheduling a show but would like to see the show first, contact us to see if there's an upcoming performance nearby. (The online listing is public performances only)


Need to educate and entertain a large group?

Go With... Virtual Bubble-ology Show

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