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Introducing Christina Gelsone!
BubbleMania Jr!
BUBBLEMANIA Jr! (NYC, Long Island & New Jersey)

More Brilliant Bubbling from The Big Apple!! This time for the Bambinos!!!!

BubbleMania Jr! is a scaled down version of BubbleMania! that plays to children ages 1-5 and their caregivers, aimed at an audience size that does not exceed 100 total people.

BubbleMania Jr! Combines many of the fascinating bubble sculptures and soap bubble tricks as the original show along with plenty of comedy and interaction geared specifically to a younger audience. BubbleMania Jr! is available in two formats:

  1. For kids ages 1-3 the event includes a 20 minute stage presentation followed by 20 minutes of interactive bubble activity lead by Christina. These activities are designed to include up to 20 children and can be done indoor or out. If indoor the activities chosen are not messy.

  2. For kids ages 3-5 the event includes a 35 minute stage show followed by a brief interactive activity.

Unlike the original, BubbleMania Jr! does not include encasing an audience member inside a giant soap bubble. Please refrain from suggesting otherwise to your audience prior to her visit and everyone will be very happy when the event is completed.

Like the original, BubbleMania Jr! incorporates music to enhance the bubble fun but uses tunes more engaging to very young ears.

Because it is a shorter show aimed at small audiences, the performance fees for BubbleMania Jr! are less than the fees for the longer, original show which plays to older audiences that averages a couple hundred people at a time. [For more information on performances fees contact Christina below.]

"My daughter doesn't stop talking about you!" - Parent, Montclair, New Jersey

"You're a living cartoon!" - Steve Smith, dean of RBBB Clown College

Christina Gelsone and Casey Carle
Christina and Casey Carle
"You had them rolling off their seats with laughter." - Pearlesque Event Management


Caterpillar Hand Bubbles Snowman Snowman


Christina Gelsone Christina Gelsone has thrilled audiences as a clown, mask-player, street-performer, and ballet dancer with a passion for the stage that has taken her around the world.

Her style is distinctly physical. When performing BubbleMania Jr! she uses this energetic stage presence to thoroughly engage her audience. Christina as the “it” factor that makes you want to watch what she does and says next!

Christina has performed for younger audiences professionally for 8 years throughout the greater New York area, performing such classics in schools as Peter and the Wolf, Babar the Elephant, Pinocchio, circus shows, and her own collection of stories. She has also been a resident teaching artist for more than 10 public schools and currently teaches for the New Victory Theater.

In 2005, she teamed up with Seth Bloom (fellow BubbleManiac!), creating The Acrobuffos, a company that specializes outlandish street theatre. She also co-founded Fool's Academy, school assemblies that support curriculum through clowning. As a member of Bond Street Theater, she has performed in countries with families in desperate need of social theater and comic relief such as Kosovo, Serbia, and especially Afghanistan. Christina's skills have taken her to festivals in China, Singapore, Scotland, Japan, France, Portugal and Greece. She is a graduate of Princeton University and the Dell' Arte School of Physical Theatre and is a former faculty member of Adelphi University.

She brings over 15 years of professional training and experience to BubbleMania Jr! I couldn't be happier she's on board. YOU will be very happy, too!

PLEASE NOTE: For mixed ages under 5, Christina has the skill to adapt the show to the average age of the group to be sure there is something for everyone to enjoy throughout the presentation.

Christina Gelsone Christina presents Casey Carle's BubbleMania Jr! only in New York City's 5 boroughs, on Long Island and New Jersey.

Christina’s comic and educational presentations are available exclusively for events catering primarily to children 1-5 years of age and their caretakers. BubbleMania Jr! is perfect for:

  • Birthday Parties

  • Preschools

  • Day Care Centers

  • Formal Play Dates

  • Upsherin Parties (First Hair Cut)


CONTACTING Christina Gelsone!

Christina Gelsone may be contacted directly by telephone at 917-309-2105, or email her HERE to discuss and book your event.

Currently, Christina Gelsone is available in New York City's 5 boroughs, on Long Island, and in New Jersey.

For larger stage productions of Casey Carle's Bubblemania! featuring Casey Carle himself, please look here to review Casey's travel radius and booking information.

Contact Christina Gelsone Today!


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